"The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with
him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself
too."   - Samuel Butler

A few of our dogs who are now in their own special homes

This picture came to the shelter in a Christmas
card along with an update on how Axel
(formerly Bandit) was doing in his new home.
He's come a long way from the days when he
was an unclaimed stray. With the love and
guidance of his new pals Sarah and Julie and
their parents, Axel has finally had a chance to
show what he can do. He has graduated from his obedience class with flying
colors and is characterized by his new family as: intelligent, responsive, eager to
please, full of joy & fun and a really good kisser.

These two have sure found "the best seat in the house"! There's nothing better
than a patch of sunlit carpet and a short snooze. The pretty girl in the front is
one of our former dogs and she sure found herself the perfect new home. Her
name is Manitou and that's her pal, Harriet behind her. She lives with three cats
also and one of them, Jasper, likes to alternate between playing with the dogs
and playing with the other cats. It's so much fun to see one of our dogs move on
to a full life with her very own family.

Amber's family writes to say that her tail never
ever stops wagging! Somehow, looking at this
picture, that doesn't seem very surprising. They
also say she is particularly fond of tummy rubs.
Small wonder she's enjoying herself. When a dog
moves from wondering where her next meal will
come from to owning her very own foam-backed
rug and learning to go for truck rides, it's no wonder that her tail wags! She
never knew life could be this much fun and we thank her new family for giving
her that chance.

Meet Bissel (who used to be Sierra). She lives in her
new home with two other dogs, Rusty and Quincy.
Bissel had a very rough start in life and shortly after
being adopted she broke her leg in a very minor fall.
Her vet feels that her poor early nutrition was a factor
so she takes special supplements and has healed
completely. Her family says she's adjusting slowly and
surely to their busy lifestyle. She goes camping, thus
needed to learn to ride. They say, when something
frightens her, she comes to them for reassurance
which is a great sign that she is learning people can be trusted. She's taking
basic obedience and doing very well with that. They say that loud noises are
particularly frightening to her, including gun shots, fire crackers and thunder.
When a storm comes along they say they just go about their business as
though nothing is wrong in hopes that she'll be reassured by their actions.
Bissel has also learned to live peacefully with chickens, a cow and horses.
These are all big steps for a dog who had no one but herself to depend on. She
feels very important when she gets to go in the car with her new master while
everyone else stays at home. It's his way of telling her that she's special and it's
working wonders.