How to donate to the Thrift Store.
Please call 634-5394 if you have questions                             
              about donating.

If you have items to donate to the Thrift Store, we try to make it as
easy as possible. We can give you a receipt if you need one for tax
purposes. All items are to be taken to the NHS Shelter during normal
business hours. If you have a large amount it's a good idea to call
ahead so they are prepared. The number to call is 634-5394. All of
your items will be stored in a building and are picked up for sorting
and pricing by thrift store volunteers. If you can have your things
packed in boxes with closed tops it sure does help as we have to
stack the boxes to store them.

Two of our great guys are loading a truck to take to the thrift store. They work many long
hours as do the volunteers who prepare things to go onto our shelves. We do not have a
phone at the store so please use the number above if you have questions regarding what
we can accept. Our store is pretty tiny so we do need to limit some items. We also ask
that you please not just drop things off either at the thrift store or the NHS Shelter. We
don't want to lose our storage area or be perceived as bad neighbors at the shop. We
appreciate all of the nice things that are donated and every now and then we do set a few
things aside to put into an Internet auction. Two of our thrift
store volunteers have auctioned various things for us and
now and then an item is added to the book auction.