How to donate to the Thrift Store.
Please call 715-934-3121
, Mon-Sat, 10-4, if you have
questions about donating.

The Thift Shop is in need of items to sell, so please keep us in mind
when spring cleaning, remodeling, moving or just de-cluttering a space.
Simply go to the Shop during business hours and if you have alot and/or
large items, they can direct you to the loading area in the back. You can
back right up to the door in the generous parking area and someone will
help unload. We provide a receipt if you'd like one for tax purposes. If
you have alot and/or large items, it would be appreciated if you called
the Shop ahead of time to make arrangements.

Items Needed:
Jewelry-belts-purses-collectibles-children's toys & books-linens
Bedding/towels-hand tools-small power tools-books-decorating items
Craft supplies-vintage or designer type clothing-household items
Sports equipment-games-small furniture-specialty items
Canoes-kayaks-boats-cars-ATVs can be sold and held at the Shelter.

                                                       THANK YOU!!!